February 12, 2014

I saw the destination

Of course, I know that life will. Anyway, I finally climbed over Kunlun Mountains. People ask what is the experience of life, I do not know. But I think go to Qinghai Tibet Plateau, I finally have their own life experience. Another time I go to the Yadan landform. When I was walking ahead in the heat of the desert, when carrying three bottles of mineral water is exhausted, I began to turn back. When I saw the pedometer display time, I have left to five km away I know, hot weather, this five km away is a selfless communication is life and nature Pretty renew 雅蘭.
Remember when I saw the destination, have begun to suspect Is it right? See a mirage in the desert. When the body has no sweat, I probably know is because life is to do the final effort to protect their own dignity. I don't feel thirsty. Just think of oral mucosa has been started to become less smooth. Finally, I almost do not know what went into the crowd, in what circumstances back to life the vitality of the original.
I like the desert as an ultimate experience of life. Some people say that is an adventure, but let me say, Virtual Office Hong Kong for life, in the face of nature has always been a challenge. It is a show of fearless spirit of life. Since life is coming from the nature, why do we want to hard to find the man-made world?
I finished the story, you hear is indulge in elaborating on. I just don't know you have a kind of impulse, a kind of courage to face the death experience of life. If a person experienced a critical life experience, so he and what can not be relieved that deposition heart DR REBORN......

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