September 12, 2013

Look at the light from me

Look down upon himself to the study of the vast sea; belittle yourself to go to the battle-front without any burden horses; watch yourself down to study wound; belittle yourself to learn daily sunrise; belittle yourself to learn all rivers run into sea of Confucius, Mencius, Chuang-tzu, Lao Tzu; see light yourself to learn a man of scholarly virtue, his father-in-law, Liu Yuxi, Qu Yuan Tao Yuanming. Underestimate yourself cannot improperly belittle oneself be overbearing, belittle yourself is a climbing strong mountain bike, belittle yourself awake contains a mastermind with painstaking effort, belittle yourself is the life of their own to a transcendental, belittle yourself is the life journey of a thick accumulate thin hair, look yourself in the savings of energy the outbreak, belittle yourself are doing the final take-off before the extremely arrogant, only the person with very limited knowledge and scanty information, only thinks highly of himself and proud as lucifer HKUE ENG.
To make yourself the poet Lu Li, wrote this song the dapper and profound poetry: "always regard myself as pearl, always afraid of being buried pain. Put yourself as earth, let them put himself into a road." In the life of the community, do not be too high amplification measure their true skill and genuine knowledge, there is need to master the knowledge. Calligraphy calligrapher Mr. Qi Gong is well-known in the world famous, but can underestimate the importance of self he modestly said he is a calligraphy lovers, he said: "a calligrapher is a writer, a writer is not necessarily a calligrapher." He is the requirements of their own in the Han culture in the sea of knowledge to learn, with his master to deep profound culture knowledge, to enrich the connotation of the grade of ink art, it seems you have know one's limitations is a noble quality.
The old when their star man, just struggling desperately in the bitter sea. Since that be frustrated for all one's talent person, feel there is frustration often. Always think I have true skill and genuine knowledge of people, is actually a very limited outlook. He turned around the mouse. Always put yourself regard oneself head and shoulders above others, is actually a lack of positive energy also cynical unjust acts. Always put yourself in the vulgarity of leaky bucket full of wit, in fact the water is like a life. Always put yourself in the great man, HKUE ENG in fact is the grain Book field near the scarecrow.
In fact, the old man put his value, has the very big relations and family education, practical and lack of farmer of capital, they are not his own value, because they come from ordinary grass. The children home rich background, they are from the heart have a kind of sense of superiority, they see others like by looking down look, old feel a head taller than the others. Your father as a bureaucratic, that your father is not you? Your father is rich, is it your father instead of you? At best, you're just a parasite. The line of this, think of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, they raised their children, don't think about sticking parents aura, want oneself to work hard and perseveringly rely through one's own efforts. They would never do it for their official positions. Corruption scandal, they think to do so is defiled the glorious image of the communist HKUE ENG.
Underestimate yourself, just bent down to ascend; belittle yourself, just bend in ready to start; belittle yourself, just bend reap the harvest; belittle yourself, just bent down to remove shoes sand; belittle yourself, just bent down to pull their own will sailing boat; belittle yourself, just bend over for obstacles on the road ahead; belittle yourself, just bent down for his upcoming flowers blooming in the water; belittle yourself, just bent down for his upcoming Chi Cheng tire reinforcing qi.

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