July 03, 2015

store for your thoughts

Once upon a time, you planted a long for in my heart, so I put on the heart missing your name. From now on, no matter day or night, every time my heart rhythm is gently call to you, to you convey my deep thoughts.
At night when you think you have become my habit, light faint light, I try to write down those who miss, attentively in love for you in the heart of poetry. The breeze swaying the window leaf shadows, gently singing the song of missing, I have to listen each asymptotic footsteps, are you coming to me from the dream? I just use one night to store for your thoughts, and then use it to support one another thinking of you during the day.
I couldn't say for sure, what is your handsome face a scenery, let me sentimental fingertips draw little dialing; I couldn't say for sure, you are kind heart is what kind of paradise, let me blundering eyes had clearly end-result. You went to three points with a warm smile, listening to your voice full of sincere love. Colorful memories, you will always be in my life the most warm harbor, let me roam, linger, I don't know.
I remember fondly carved your name. Your tender feeling inadvertently entering into my life, bit by bit every time see you, as if to let me remember, you are the one I lost the memory of past lives. I can't speak a moment of happiness coming wonderful feeling, all nerve beating with joy, hide the time remember the hurt and pain. We holding hands silently, quietly rolled up the profound thoughts, on the road together, common to meet wind and rain of life, social change in temperature.
I remember fondly carved your name. Can you feel my surge of emotion that a love of warm? You can listen to the mid-night, which yet gentle call? I want to tell you gently, when thinking of you, I countless times in my heart to you lovely appearance simulations over and over again, with my love heart, deep color, affectionate pen, draw your pure eyes, sincere smile -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and then I put the idea into countless ribbon, with I miss you day and night, gently at your distant heart window.
Miss you, in the name of the written in your heart. Trance, see you in the windward water waved fondly, but don't know when it's time to let your light fondle my face frost? When refute yuet, printed on each other no longer young face, in the deep shallow trace, our eternal treasures must be that in the name of the missing, and our heart, hands.

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