February 18, 2014

you should settle down to read

I have been involved in the formation of the literary circle around, also became one of the first members of the town school a. We belong to the literature have the same likes and dislikes people, and have the same likes and dislikes is not in age, occupation, appearance, rich and poor, achievement as a standard. This is also an important reason that I can participate in the join. I belong to the old comrades, in addition to other aspects of experience, not commendable place. In our small family, big leadership, a sergeant, more is young "Junsao", from all corners of the country. I feel in this small environment, more fresh, more far away from the world into the atmosphere. We're not near the unit, no public support, all spending by aa. We focus on the "owner" to carry out a number of collective activity, can be more candid.

But there are some conditions, such as pull the head, make digital, hard launched situation. This will look from two respects. For example, some people, she has a hobby, but is only a hobby, not accustomed to being as a task or become the sign is displayed in the circle, pull her in the initial she may be excited for a while, if become pressure, interference in the past be accustomed to life, she may regret. While some people, because the group behavior stimulation, communicate with others, enlightenment, but also because of some kind of pressure, and then into power, encourage her out of the results, the drag will is the path of success.
But the road of literature is a looks very beautiful, it is very bitter, a little achievement is very difficult thing. Someone maybe one thirty while out of something, but a long time, "jianglangcaijin", do not do something. I have seen such a circle of friends. Something written, conversion of some type, get a lot of encouragement. She is excited, some confused, why to write, what all can. But after all, not deep foundation, passion not affectionate, impulse without direction, and later had to rely on to borrow all around, even from the others in selecting some suitable contents into the hold. I think she is the victim of the circle. Because in such a loose organization, true to your disadvantage the opportunity not to be many, many friends in the circle is you, no problem, encouraging words, and no one to speak, you should settle down to read, more experienced some things before you start writing.
The real damage circle is not other, stubborn be opinionated, is the capacity to the same thought and sentiment of leadership. Without democracy there can be no progress, as long as the individual freedom would lead to the opposite of freedom, these words not only in the political process play a role, but also widely used in other aspects. The literary expression is more personal way. The so-called personal, is that it can't follow the same pattern, similar but not. The only way of literature, is the All flowers bloom together. literary spring, but not always others chewed and tasteless old bun.
Participate in the circle of construction at the same time meet these two conditions. Ring master her own idea of the standard curing, neatly put a very individual poet kicked out of the group, not with everyone didn't say hello to his. The poet has personality, is also used to be fond of teaching others, but, after all he is a personality characteristic. If you want to build a bloom of the literary landscape, diversity to shield the literary expression with an idea an idea, not the same style; or complete with their own likes and dislikes to or bad comments of other people's words, at least a defect.

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